Points of Unity

Great Plains Tar Sands Resistance (GPTSR) is a coalition of groups and individuals from across the political (and nonpolitical) spectrum. Committed to building a solid movement of resistance to the construction of tar sands or diluted bitumen infrastructure, organizations in GPTSR are bound together with the following points of unity:

1: Opposition to all forms of Tar Sands exploitation
2. Opposition to Infrastructure Which Supports Further Tar Sands Exploitation
3: Explicit Support for Indigenous Peoples
4: Acknowledgement of Direct Action as A Legitimate and Necessary Tactic
5: No Condemnation of Resistance


3 thoughts on “Points of Unity

  1. “STOP” The Tar Sands Pipe Line ( in every STATE ) it’s time to win and stop losing..
    With the pipe line we all lose in the end………………………………with out it we all win……………….

  2. I am for (1) Opposition to all forms of tar sands exploitation, (2) , (3) Explicit support for Indigenous Peoples, (4) and (5)

  3. Stop the KXL and its other pipelines that are old and fragile – Arkansas is an example – in every state and speak truth to power. This is a deadly “development” and will endanger land, water, humans and non-humans and all life. I support Indigenous Peoples and am in opposition to all forms of tar sands exploitation. I am in opposition to all forms of infrastructure that supports the tar sands exploitation. I believe direct action is often what is called for and agree there should be no condemnation of resistance. It is time for solidarity across the land.

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