The organizers with Great Plains Tar Sands Resistance are putting in a lot of work getting our ducks in a row for our upcoming training camp, and need your help getting indigenous trainers and participants to the camp! We feel that it is essential for the North American anti-extraction movement to work on building allyship and true solidarity with indigenous communities, and to incorporate indigenous solidarity and anti-racism not just in our analysis but in our actions. It is clear to us at GPTSR that any movement that fails to do this will ultimately fail, doomed to reproduce the same oppressive cultural norms that make such drastic resource extraction possible. Specifically, we want to acknowledge Tar Sands extraction and transportation as a manifestation of environmental racism and a continuation of colonization and genocide visited on the indigenous people of North America.

We are hoping to support a number of indigenous groups and individuals from the great plains in traveling to our camp and not only participating in building skills for Direct Action, but working with us to develop ideas around solidarity and allyship. We are exceedingly privileged that there are folks who are willing to help us with this work, and want to make the trip down as easy as possible. A generous donation to our WePay account will help us get these folks to our camp, and help all of us continue to build a true culture of resistance in North America.

Donate to GPTSR!//

Our mailing address for checks, kind words or in kind donations is:

PO Box 901
Drumright, Oklahoma

We greatly appreciate your letters, non-perishables, climb gear, camping gear and outdoor gear.

Love, rage, and solidarity


One thought on “Donate

  1. I was just at the camp and have a few questions. Are you continuing in Oklahoma? What is planned for the future? Also, here’s a link to a video (the first of what will be a series) from the opening ceremonies. Whatever I have or do is always available if it can help in any way. Peace, Crystal Zevon

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