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One thought on “Protest Coverage

  1. True elders like you, Nancy, lead by example. If a person wants to be an elder and not just a senior citizen, there’s no excuse for doing nothing to curb pollution, the source of our toxic environment and global warming. Not all of us (I’m 76) are physically able to do what you did. But we can sign petitions online, write letters and help spread the word to build a massive movement. Here’s a recent letter I wrote to our President.

    Dear President Obama:

    It took the brutal slaughter of babies for you to threaten to use the power of executive order to do something about gun control if congress doesn’t act. You could have done something during your first term. The danger was clear and imminent, with several mass shootings during those four years. Now there are millions of guns on the street that you can do nothing about. Whatever you do now will be better than doing nothing, but it is too late to get back the guns.

    Are you going to wait until it’s too late to avoid irreversible human-caused global warming that leads to species extinction and environmental collapse? Will American babies, like those at Sandy Hook, have to die dramatic and horrible deaths caused by extreme weather before you are moved to stop further extraction of our fossil fuel reserves?

    You don’t have much time. According to your own government scientists, we are in a four-year window of opportunity to avoid irreversible and catastrophic decline of ecosystems. If you don’t issue executive orders to stop extraction this year, the necessary changes won’t be in place in time to make a difference. Is that what you want your legacy to be? That you were the only person powerful enough to stop the devastation and you did nothing?

    The Keystone pipeline and other extraction projects cannot be allowed to proceed. If you don’t put a stop to all extraction of our fossil fuel reserves this year, it will not be someone else’s babies that you will be crying about. It will be your grandchildren.

    A Former Democrat now Green Party

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