New Video!

We’re incredibly excited for the upcoming action camp, with folks from Owe Aku coming down! While you’re eagerly awaiting news from next week, why don’t you check out our new video, featuring coalition member Casey Camp of Coyote Creek Center for Environmental Justice?  Join us in the fight against tar sands extraction, transportation, and infrastructure!


2 thoughts on “New Video!

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  2. Thank you… I am in tears. I have for the last years as means of trying to make a living by working in a Refinery In California. I have disabled mom, brother, and blind father. Oldest of 4 boys. Its not easy to walk away from a so called good job… But i do it now with no regrets. I was exposed to many chemicals, sick people, and seriously disturbed wealthy individuals who think it is there god given right and the only way to get by in this world. I have quit, am writing grants to build sustainable communities. I am part First nations and I honor mother earth and will stand in unity with you all. Together we can stop the poisoning of our mother, our water, our animals and our peoples. Noxtin Nomecoyotzin

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