Idle No More Round Dance in Tulsa against the Keystone XL!


Idle no More event against the Keystone XL at the Bradey Theater in Tulsa OK

Tonight a large group of natives from a number of tribes, as well as allies from Great Plains Tar Sands Resistance rallied and danced outside the Brady Theater in Tulsa, OK. This Idle no More event was organized to bring attention to the disproportionately high impact that industrial projects like Tar Sands extraction and the Keystone XL have on indigenous communities and communities of color throughout North America.


Casey Camp-Horinek speaks about Idle no More and the Keystone XL

Casey Camp-Horinek and JoKay Dowell, speakers at the event, connected the dots between centuries of colonialism in North America and Tar Sands extraction and transportation, outlining policies as well as cultural attitudes that have made it possible to steal and the poison the land-bases of the native people of North America. They also spoke to the power of indigenous communities, drawing on centuries of resistance, to come together to stand up to these projects. The event closed with a round dance and prayer.


JoKay Dowell speaking at the Idle no More event

Casey and her family are helping us put on our training camp in March   . You should think about attending!


Idle no More Event at the Bradey Thater


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